HYPER hypercardioid capsule
HYPER hypercardioid capsule
HYPER hypercardioid capsule
HYPER hypercardioid capsule

HYPER hypercardioid capsule

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This capsule turns our normally cardioid STC-1 and STC-1S microphones into an hypercardioid mic, perfect for capturing a narrow field of sound, such as a solo instrument within an ensemble or a hi-hat within a drumkit set-up.

• Accessory to our STC-1 and STC-1S pencil mics
• Adds flexibility to already hugely versatile tools
• Hypercardioid pickup pattern
• Ideal for ensemble and overhead recording


Our Hyper and Omni capsules are designed to add even more flexibility and versatility to our best-selling STC-1 and STC-1S condenser microphones.

Our STC-1 and STC-1S pencil condensers are fitted with cardioid capsules as standard, but these can be easily exchanged for our optional Omni (omnidirectional) and Hyper (hypercardioid), giving you three mics in one (or six mics in two, in the case of the STC-1S stereo pair).

The omnidirectional Omni capsule will completely open up the area of sound that the mic can pick up, allowing you to position the mic higher up or further away from the recording source. It will give you stunning results on ensemble recording and turns the STC-1 into an outstanding overhead or room mic.

These capsules offer a quick and easy way to expand your mic locker and extend your recording capabilities.

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  • Solo instruments
  • Ensemble recording
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Plucked instruments
  • Dialogue


Product type: Small-diaphragm capsule
Polar pattern: Hypercardioid
Connector: Thread compatible with Sontronics STC-1 and STC-1S mics
Product weight: 31g
Packaged weight: 35g
Product dimensions: 24 x 24 x 20mm
Packaged dimensions: 45 x 45 x 31mm