An image on white background of the Sontronics Elevate microphone stand, showing at the centre bottom of the picture the clamp that fits on to a desk above which is the short upright section with a Sontronics logo on the circular joint that connects to the first long arm of the mic which goes up to the right to another circular joint which meets the third arm which is bent back town and to the right, and this meets another joint on which sits the microphone connector
A close-up image of a cable clipped into the channel on one of arms of the Sontronics Elevate microphone stand
An image of the Sontronics Elevate angled microphone stand on a white background, facing towards the right and showing the stand at its full height extension
A close-up image of one of the tightening nuts for the angled arms of the Sontronics Elevate stand on a white background
An image of the alternative desk-mounting boss assembly for the Sontronics Elevate stand on white background
A close-up image on a white background of the microphone mounting connector at the end of a Sontronics Elevate stand, with a silver threaded adaptor on the end
An image of a light-coloured office space with a window and plant on the windowsill, in the foreground is a girl with curly hair sitting at a desk speaking into a blue Sontronics Podcast Pro microphone mounted on to a black angled Sontronics Elevate desk stand. The girl is holding a blue bend and has a yellow book to her left and an open diary in front of her, as well as a laptop with the screen open

ELEVATE multi-position mic mounting arm stand

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A superbly flexible desktop mic stand that can be moved into all kinds of positions to get your mic exactly where you want it. With three angled joints and channels to keep cables tidy, Elevate is perfect for studios, radio stations, vocal booths, podcasting, gaming, vlogging and working-from-home set-ups.

• Ideal for podcasters, gamers and voice artists
• Supports mics weighing up to 1kg
• Keep cables tidy with its handy channels and clips
• Lightweight but sturdy and super-flexible


The Sontronics Elevate is a multi-positional desktop microphone stand ideal for any workspace.

Designed as a perfect partner for our best-selling Podcast Pro microphone, the Elevate stand is designed to suit any podcasting, voiceover, gaming or home working set-ups.

It can be easily moved into a variety of positions thanks to the three lockable joints, while the channels and clips along the length of both internally sprung arms help keep your cables neat and tidy.

You can fit the Elevate to any desk or work surface using the clamp option – allowing you to move or remove the stand quickly and easily – or you can permanently fix it in place using the supplied mounting boss.

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  • Podcast
  • Vocals
  • Home recording
  • Vlogging
  • Gaming & streaming
  • Video calls


Product type: Multi-positional desk-mounted microphone mount arm
Main features: Pre-weighted internally sprung arms; three flexible joints; channels & clips to hold cable; two desk-mounting options
Max. extended height: 949mm
Min. extended height: 338mm
Angles of extensions: Joint 1 = 0 to 100°; Joint 2 = +45 to -90°; Joint 3 = 0 to -240°
Clamp fits desk depth: 10 to 60mm
Connector: Desk clamp with threaded nut and permanent mounting boss, both included
Mic thread: 3/8" or 5/8" (thread adaptor included)
Material: Black powder-coating aluminium
Product weight: 844g (Elevate), 471g (clamp)
Packaged weight: 1.78kg
Packaged dimensions: 985 x 110 x 80m