An image of an opened flightcase against a white background, inside the velvet-lined case we see a Sontronics DM-1B kick drum microphone, three DM-1S snare mics, a DM-1T tom mic, two STC-10 overhead mics and six mic clips.
An image of seven microphones standing up in a row, from left to right: two black STC-10 pencil-style microphones, a silver-coloured DM-1B microphone and four small silver-coloured pencil microphones, three DM-1T and one DM-1S
An image of five microphones standing up in a row (from left to right, a silver pencil-style DM-1S microphone, a large silver DM-1B mic and three small pencil-style DM-1-T microphones) and in the foreground, lying down, two black STC-10 microphones, from left to right: two black STC-10 pencil-style microphones, a silver-coloured DM-1B microphone and four small silver-coloured pencil microphones, three DM-1T and one DM-1S
An image on a black background showing a velvet-lined flightcase with seven Sontronics drum microphones and six microphone clips
An image on a black background showing five silver-coloured Sontronics mics standing up (three DM-1T tom mics, a large DM-1B mic and a small DM-1S mics) plus two black pencil-style STC-10. microphones lying down in the foreground

DRUMPACK PLUS 7-piece set of drum condenser mics

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You'll be guaranteed exceptional results on every drumkit recording straight out of the case, with this seven-piece set of award-winning drum condenser mics. Perfect for live performance, studio recording or home use.

• Seven drum mics all in one package
• Drumkit and overhead mics all together
• Ideal for stage, touring, studio or home use
• Save £££s on buying mics individually


The Sontronics DrumPack and DrumPack Plus represent the easiest and most cost-effective ways of getting your hands on a set of our DM-series condenser mics designed specifically for drums.

The seven-piece DrumPack includes our DM-1B for kick, DM-1S for snare, three DM-1T for tom toms, two STC-10 for stereo overheads or recording individual drums or percussion, plus six mic clips for the DM-1S, DM-1Ts and STC-10s. These are all packed securely in a rugged ABS flightcase that will keep your mics safe whether you’re recording live or in the studio.

Each mic has been specifically tailored to capture the perfect sound from each of your drums, from the boom of your toms and the crack of the snare to the resonant thud of your kick.

Our DM-series mics have received rave reviews and have appeared in the studio set-ups and on the touring kits of some of the world’s best drummers, including Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer, Muse’s Dom Howard, The Offspring's Pete Parada and session drummer Steve White.

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  • Drumkit
  • Kick drum
  • Snare
  • Tom tom
  • Overhead


Microphone types: All condenser microphones
Polar pattern: All cardioid
Frequency response: DM-1B - 20Hz to 20kHz; DM-1S, DM-1T & STC-10 - 30Hz to 20kHz;
Pad: DM-1B - 0dB, -15dB; DM-1S, DM-1T & STC-10 - 0dB, -10dB
Sensitivity (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1kHz): DM-1B - 6mV/Pa -45dB ±2dB; DM-1S & 1T - 8mV/Pa -42dB ±2dB; STC-10 - 11mV/Pa -39dB ±2dB
Impedance: All mics - ≤200 Ohms
Max. SPL (for 0.5% THD @ 1kHz): DM-1B - 155dB (with -15dB pad engaged); DM-1S & 1T - 135dB (with -10dB pad engaged), STC-10 - 130dB (with -10dB pad engaged)
Equivalent noise level: DM-1B, 1S & 1T - 14dB (A-weighted); STC-10 - 18dB (A-weighted)
Connector: All mics - 3-pin XLR
Power: All mics - Phantom power 48V required
What's included: Sontronics DM-1B, DM-1S, 3x DM-1T, 2x STC-10 microphones, 6 mic clips, ABS flightcase
Mic weights: DM-1B - 829g, DM-1S & 1T - 86g each, STC-10 - 125g each
Packaged weight: 5.6kg
Mic dimensions: DM-1B - 144 x 72 x 72mm; DM-1S & 1T - 91 x22 x 22mm each; STC-10 - 150 x 21 x 21mm
Packaged dimensions: 477 x 372 x 190m