(Birdy, London Grammar, James Morrison)

"I love ARIA… it's superb on vocals and I haven't yet found a voice that it doesn't suit. It's an all-round beautiful mic!"

"I love the ARIA. It's superb on both female and male vocals and I haven't yet found a voice that it doesn't suit. I take it everywhere I go! 


"I always describe ARIA as being warm like a vintage mic, but bright like a modern mic. It's a great combination of old and new technology. And it's not just good for vocals – we've been using it on percussion (tambourine and handcaps) and it's great! It's an all-round beautiful mic. You guys should be proud! 


"I first heard about your mics from Ed Harcourt who said ARIA was lovely on vocals. Then I saw them 'in the flesh' at Paul Epworth's Church Studios when we were in there producing a Marlon Roudette single. I noticed these cool looking ribbon mics on the piano [APOLLO and SIGMA] and then an ARIA and I asked the engineer what they were. Sontronics of course! 


"So far you can hear my ARIA on vocals and percussion for Foxes Better Love, On My Way and Scar, it's on all the vocals on Bloc Party's new Hymns album, plus it's been indispensable on Birdy's latest album Beautiful Lies plus some top-secret new projects that I can't tell you about yet!"

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