Voiceover Artist
(Coca Cola, Emirates, Hilton Hotels)
"The ORPHEUS is clear, bright, sparkling, simply stunning and it sounds so professional too…it makes me uber-happy!"

"I first came across Sontronics and its wonderful owners Trevor and Lisa Coley at a VOX voiceover event a few years ago. It's always good to meet fellow voiceovers, to network and to see people promoting their products. Sontronics were there showing off their beautiful mics and we were able to test them, which was exciting. 


"I tried a few of their mics at the event and straight away decided that the ORPHEUS worked best with my husky tones. It really made me sound very rich in tone, which I loved. I've had a few microphones during my voiceover career and I simply love the rich, bright tone that ORPHEUS gives. It also looks fabulous in my home studio! 


"The sound is clear, bright, rich, sparkling, simply stunning and it sounds so professional too. And it makes me uber-happy!! "I am proud when producers ask me what my studio set-up is and which microphone I use. I work from home so it’s important to have a professional set-up, and the ORPHEUS just adds to my studio and complements my work! 


"I should also add that I love the ORPHEUS's presentation - when it arrived new, it comes in a stunning wooden box. It felt like an exciting Christmas present all for me! 


"From delivery to install (super-easy!) it's been a top experience all round. Thank you Sontronics for a microphone which I love, and so do my clients!!"

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