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"Sontronics mics rule! They have very high quality sound, they're strongly built and elegantly designed… more than awesome!"

"The first time I encountered Sontronics was seven years ago at Microbes Studio in Paris where they had a SIGMA. I used it on a few sessions to record some tasty guitars and vocals. I loved it straight away, both its sound and its look, and I was hooked! 


"I now own a DELTA, OMEGA and DM-1B and I use the Sontronics DELTA on every single guitar cab I record. It's an awesome mic, it captures the tone of the amps with precision and style. I also use it when I record horns and sometimes as a room mic when recording drums. It's my favourite weapon. It's a killer mic! 


"The OMEGA is lovely too. I often use it on vocals or for mono piano miking and it definitely beats all its opponents in the same price range. 


"The DM1-B is a great microphone for kick drum; very precise with a very nice low end. I also often use it on bass cab where it does a great job and tried as a complementary mic on double bass too where it did well. A wicked mic! 


"Sontronics mics rule! They have a very high quality sound and, placed wisely, they always enhance the tonal character of the source with great beauty. They are strongly built and elegantly designed, the customer support is super efficient and the lifetime warranty... is just more than awesome!"

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