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 "The ORPHEUS really enhances my performance and my sound… there is no comparison between this and the mic I was using before"

"I was introduced to Sontronics by a male voiceover friend who raves about their mics. On his recommendation (and after chatting with Trevor and Lisa at Sontronics HQ) I bought an ORPHEUS mic, which is apparently designed with a female vocal in mind. I loved the fact that it was specifically for girls, as there is a definite difference between the male and female tone and range. 


"I find the ORPHEUS really enhances my performance and sound. There is no comparison between this and the mic I was using before. The quality of the sound is far richer now! 


"As soon as I bought my ORPHEUS mic, I felt I could take the voiceover work seriously. It gave me an air of confidence as I know it delivers quality audio. The style of the mic is fabulous too – obviously there is a technical reason for this but it just looks really glam and that's what gives it the edge for me! The producers I work with at UKRD were also really impressed when they saw the spec. 


"Sontronics' ORPHEUS is an investment from which you'll reap the rewards for years to come. It's a great British broadcast quality mic to be proud of!"

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