(Blur, The Smiths, The Maccabees, New Order)

"I was very impressed with how the DELTA captured the bottom end of the guitar cab sound and smoothed out some of the spikier transients. I love it!"

"I first came across Sontronics whilst recording in Flood's room at Assault & Battery where I tried the SIGMA and DELTA whilst recording guitars. I also saw a brochure detailing the mics that Sontronics makes and was struck by the range available. 


"I was interested in trying the SATURN as I wanted to try a new microphone for recording the vocals for a new album project. I was also looking for a microphone to add to my collection of gear in my studio (THE BUNKER) at Miloco that would work well recording vocals but also be useful for recording acoustic guitars. 


"SATURN captured the performance of the lead vocalist with plenty of clarity and a nice natural sound. I was also impressed by the choice of polar patterns plus filter and pad control, which give it a great versatility and I soon tried it recording acoustic guitar. The results were very positive, a good open sound being achieved without having to resort to external EQ. 


"I used the DELTA alongside a Shure SM57 on the guitar cab whilst recording guitars and was very impressed with how it captured the bottom end of the sound and smoothed out some of the spikier transients. It definitely captured some of the sound spectrum that the 57 failed to catch! I love it"

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