Grammy-winning Producer
(The Editors, PJ Harvey, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins)

"For PJ Harvey's latest album we also added an ARIA for her vocals… she won't record her voice with anything else now!"

"Sontronics was recommended to me by Alan Moulder who had just been working with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age). I tried the DELTA and SIGMA and fell in love straight away. To be able to get clarity and depth so close to the amp was amazing! "


The whole thing about Sontronics is that immediacy of things sounding great without having to do anything. The ORPHEUS has such a great bite to it and all the Sontronics mics seem to have a great natural compression without losing any clarity or detail. "There is only praise to add about value for money, amazing customer support and the knowledge that Trevor [Sontronics MD and mic designer] cares about every aspect of the mics: the sound quality, build quality, design... and I love his ability to be as caring with the everyday consumer as he is with us professionals. And the mics look amazing! 


"I use the mics all the time, be it with Editors, Orbital, Karima Francis, Foals or anyone else. The mics were used on PJ Harvey's Mercury Prize-winning album Let England Shake mainly DELTA, SIGMA, ORPHEUS and HELIOS. We used DELTAs on amps; ORPHEUSs on Polly and John's vocals, brass and ambience. ORPHEUS was our go-to mic for anything and everything: voices, snare drums, acoustic guitars, autoharp, ambience and piano. 


For Polly's latest album The Hope Six Demolition Project we also added an ARIA for vocals… she won't record her voice with anything else now! "Both of those albums were the sound of Sontronics, firstly because they were used on so many sources but also, more importantly, because every time we put up a Sontronics mic it gave us what we wanted: clarity, character, purity and openness. The whole album was recorded flat, which is a tribute to engineer Rob Kirwan but also to the Sontronics mics!"

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