Sontronics products are renowned for their reliability and longevity, which is why we are the only microphone brand in the world to offer a no-fuss LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our new mics.

What our Lifetime Warranty covers

All our products are automatically covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, but any new microphone can be upgraded to Lifetime Warranty if you register your  product with us within 30 days of purchase, via the WARRANTY page on our website here.

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY covers against any issues caused by inherent component or manufacturing defects (thankfully extremely rare) on any microphone purchased new from an authorised Sontronics dealer.
If you discover a problem with your microphone, check the Support page for some simple troubleshooting tips and FAQs.
If the issue can't be solved, you should contact the shop you bought the mic from (or the distributor for your country) and they will help you however they can. Often the mic will need to be returned to us for a diagnosis, service and/or repair. 
If the store or distributor is unable to help, contact us directly and we will work out what the problem might be and then confirm your options to get the mic again.
If the fault is covered by warranty, the mic will be repaired/replaced and returned to you as soon as possible with no charge. If the fault is not covered by warranty, you will be given a full diagnosis and breakdown of costs (which we aim to keep to a minimum), and work will be carried out only when you’ve agreed to the costs and terms of repair/replacement.
What our Lifetime Warranty doesn't cover
Please bear in mind that the following things are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty, but if you experience any issues related to these areas, we are still happy to help get your mic working again.
• General wear & tear over time
• Accidental damage
• Ribbon elements
• Power supplies
• Valves/vacuum tubes
• Second-hand, pre-owned or ex-demo products
• Accessories such as cables, popshields, shockmounts, etc
• Cost of shipping the mic to us for service/repair
Scroll down the page for more information.  
General wear & tear
A microphone that is used regularly must be taken care of during AND between sessions or the mic may develop issues, for example, relating to build-up of dried moisture on a capsule or overload of delicate electronic components.
Please see the Care & Cleaning section on our Support page for some tips on helping your mic live as long as possible. Whatever the issue with your microphone, contact us for advice and we’ll help you get your mic back into working order as soon as we can.
Accidental damage
Don’t worry, we know that accidents can happen, so if for any reason something you’ve done has caused your microphone to stop working, please don’t hesitate to contact us with a description of what’s wrong and we will advise how it can be put right.
If you have broken a shockmount, popshield, cable or other accessory, replacements can be purchased directly from us.
Please bear in mind that attempting to repair or even open the microphone yourself will invalidate your warranty, so it’s important you get in touch with us first!
Ribbon mics
As stated in the User Guide that comes with each of our ribbon mics – APOLLO 2, DELTA 2 and SIGMA 2 – the delicate ribbon elements are subject to wear and tear through their lifetime, so they are not covered by warranty. Apollo 2 User Guide   •   Delta 2 User Guide   •   Sigma 2 User Guide
We describe ribbon elements like car tyres: how frequently you use the car and how hard you push it will determine how often your tyres need to be replaced. If you are using a ribbon mic on a daily basis, then the element will be getting pushed and stretched regularly, and you should have the ribbon checked and/or replaced every year or two.
If you accidentally damage your ribbon by, for example, placing the mic too close to a loud source, or you find the sound of your mic has changed over time due to the ribbon stretching, contact us to arrange a ribbon replacement and full service at a basic cost of £120 (excluding tax) plus return shipping.
Valve mics and power supplies
The valve or vacuum tube found in our ARIA and MERCURY microphones is a delicate component that is subject to overload and it can naturally wear over time depending on how much and how often it is used. Because of this, the valve/tube is not covered by warranty but if you suspect that you have a faulty or dying valve, please contact us and we can arrange a full service and a replacement valve for a basic cost.
Any attempt to replace a valve yourself will result in the warranty on the whole microphone package being invalidated.
The power supplies that come with Aria and Mercury are covered only by our manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.
If you have any issues with your PSU, contact us immediately for advice.  IMPORTANT: Using the microphone with the incorrect voltage option for your country or using phantom power on a valve microphone can cause damage to the delicate circuitry inside the power supply and the microphone itself, and can cause DANGER TO YOU!
Please ensure you read the detailed User Guide supplied with the microphone to avoid these issues and let us know immediately if you have any problems. 


  • The Sontronics Lifetime Warranty covers all Sontronics microphones introduced since 2008 against any manufacturing defect or fault.
  • The Lifetime Warranty is applied to the FIRST purchaser of a NEW microphone from an authorised Sontronics stockist.
  • The Lifetime Warranty can NOT be transferred from one owner to another.
  • The Lifetime Warranty does NOT apply to second-hand, pre-owned or ex-demo mics.
  • Any new microphones purchased directly from Sontronics (and this includes our B-stock mics) ARE covered by Lifetime Warranty as long as you register your purchase within 30 days.
  • The Lifetime Warranty MUST be activated within 30 days of purchase by filling in the form on this page, informing us of your microphone model, serial number, date and place of purchase.
  • If the Lifetime Warranty is not activated within 30 days of purchase, a basic 2-year manufacturer’s warranty will apply.
  • Any attempt to open the microphone or power supply, remove or change any parts or service the product yourself will invalidate your warranty.
  • If you feel that your product has developed a fault that could be covered by the Lifetime Warranty, contact us and we will advise you of your next steps.
  • The owner is responsible for postage costs to and from the store where purchased or their local distributor/service centre or directly to Sontronics HQ in the UK.
  • Any microphone with a fault that is deemed to be covered by Lifetime Warranty will be repaired/replaced free of charge and returned to the owner (or to the store or local distributor who has forwarded it to us).
  • If the fault is deemed NOT to be covered by Lifetime Warranty or regular 2-year warranty, the microphone will be checked and the owner will be contacted with a full diagnosis plus a breakdown of costs for repair/replacement and return shipping. No work will be carried out until the owner has agreed to the costs and terms of the repair/replacement.
  • Items NOT covered by Lifetime Warranty include: microphones made prior to 2008 (eg, STC-5, STC-6, original-model STC-1); ribbon elements in Sigma 2, Delta 2 and Apollo 2; valve/tube in Aria and Mercury; Sonora, Sonora 2 or Chimera preamps; Ultima or XLR-USB cables; faults arising from accidental damage; faults arising from general wear and tear; second-hand, pre-owned or ex-demo microphones.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to read the Microphone User Guide supplied with every Sontronics microphone before you use the product, to ensure that you are using it correctly and safely.