XLR-USB microphone cable
XLR-USB microphone cable
XLR-USB microphone cable

XLR-USB microphone cable

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A go-to accessory for mobile recording or to save on the cost of an extra interface or mixer, the XLR-USB allows you to plug your dynamic mic straight into a computer, tablet or iOS device. With class-leading results and super-low latency, you really will hear the difference!

• Plug and play with any dynamic mic
Perfect accessory for our Podcast Pro
Ideal for podcasters, gamers & home studios
Best performing cable on the market


      The new Sontronics XLR-USB is a premium-quality cable that will allow you to plug any dynamic microphone directly into your computer, ideal for recording and broadcasting on the go.

      It can also be used to plug your mic directly straight into a phone or tablet device (additional cables or adaptors will be required).

      The XLR-USB cable is ideal for podcasting, video calls and live-streaming, and, thanks to its high-quality and low-latency A/D conversion, it will guarantee professional results for any vocal or instrument recording too.

      Combine the XLR-USB with our Podcast Pro, Solo or Corona dynamic mics and Elevate stand for a simple-to-use, superb-sounding combination for recording, streaming or broadcast.

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      • Quick to set up - use with any of our dynamic micsto simply plug and go
      • Podcast perfect - Stunning quality adds a magic touch to all your episodes
      • Gamers Choice - Simple streaming for gaming or vlogging
      • Easily Affordable - Premium quality at a price you won't believe

      Cable Capabilities

      After months of experimentation and trial with other cables, all of which had issues with interference and latency, we decided to develop and release our own XLR-USB cable which, we’re proud to say, is the best performing cable of its kind on the market.

      The Sontronics XLR-USB is 3 metres long with a female XLR connector at one end and a USB-A connector at the other. It is compatible with Mac and Windows, and can be used with iOS phone and tablet devices too (via an appropriate USB-C, lightning or ‘camera kit’ adaptor if necessary).

      Featuring incredibly low latency and high-quality analogue-to-digital conversion with built-in noise reduction, the Sontronics XLR-USB is a go-to accessory for any set-up, whether you're recording, broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, gaming or video conferencing.


      • Podcast
      • Broadcast
      • Gaming & streaming
      • Vlogging
      • Zoom conference & video calls
      • Home recording


      Connector: 3-pin female XLR to USB-A
      Compatiblity: Mac OS9 & higher, Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/10 and onwards, iOS7 & onwards
      Resolution: 16-bit, 48/44.1kHz, USB 2.0 full speed
      Converters: Built-in analogue to digital
      Cable weight: 172g
      Length: 3m

      Full Spec Sheet


      "Thanks to the XLR-USB cable, there's no need for you to compromise on quality, even in the most basic of set-ups." - Trevor Coley, Founder & Designer, Sontronics

      "The XLR-USB is an absolute game-changer for me and this plus the Podcast Pro are my go-to for recording on the fly. The audio quality from the mic plus this simple cable is unbelievably brilliant… just what I've come to expect from years of using Sontronics products." - BARNEY HARWOOD, Composer/Producer/Video Director