Composer / Producer / Drummer
"For live performances in all genres I rely on Sontronics mics… in the studio and on stage my ears tell me that Sontronics mics are not just good, they are amazing!"

"I try to keep on top of new studio releases and I kept hearing about Sontronics from other musicians and reading about them on the internet. The first time I encountered them for myself was on a tour with Anna Maria Jopek in Poland. I was using Sontronics DM-1B on kick, DM-1S on the top and bottom of my snare and a DM-1T on toms and I was extremely impressed with the sound.


"I'm a session and freelance drummer and percussionist and I've been using Sontronics mics for recording all kinds of percussion instruments. For live performances in all genres (jazz, rock, fusion, world music) I rely on Sontronics mics. For the longest time I had been looking for a specific snare mic for the snare, not only to capture and amplify the extremely wide range of dynamics (from hard sticks to quiet brushes) but also to have a really clear in-ear feed. All of this is now possible, because the Sontronics DM-1S captures all of the dynamics and sounds.


"In the studio I obviously use the drum mics but I also have a SATURN (which I love) and a pair of SIGMA ribbon microphones, which I use mainly for ambient room miking. For my album Magic Everywhere the sound engineer and I chose SIGMA for accordion and also for room miking on drums, on guitar and on percussion.


"Finally there is a brand that came out with something new. They have the vintage look but still have a fresh, new design. Everything else, from the build quality and packaging to the customer support, it really matches the mics' quality, top notch!


"Using Sontronics mics in the studio is an easy choice to make – my ears tell me that Sontronics mics are not just good, they are amazing!"

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