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"APOLLO is truly stunning… and ARIA is even more versatile than I imagined it might be. The two together are absolutely amazing!"

"I couldn't quite believe it when I first heard the APOLLO on my piano, it's truly stunning! I also use it as room mic which has totally transformed my recordings. Everyone comments on the APOLLO, firstly because it looks like a space-travelling device, secondly because it's so effective. I can't really believe I didn't think of getting one before. 


"The ARIA is such a rich-sounding mic and even more versatile than I imagined it might be. I love it! I have used it for percussion, guitar and vocals, Marxophone and other strange instruments like phonofiddles and harmonium as well. 


"I have been really struck by how easy it is to get so much out of it, I tend to work quite fast and hate to get drawn in to the right or wrong way of doing things and the ARIA certainly forgives me for all that. 


"I like to mic up the guitar amp with the ARIA and use the APOLLO to pick up everything in the room. The two together are absolutely amazing and that's the sound I didn't know I was looking for!"

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