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SONTRONICS SONORA 2 - dual-channel solid-state preamplifier/DI

SONTRONICS SONORA 2 dual-channel preamp/DI
The SONTRONICS SONORA 2 is a British-made dual-channel preamplifier/DI featuring two powerful, discrete solid-state Class A amplifiers, capable of delivering an exceptionally high standard of audio reproduction for a surprisingly reasonable price.

"It sounds fantastic, there are no two ways about it.
It has a real British vintage vibe without sounding
like a me-too copy of anything else. Amazing!"

JAMES IVEY, Musician/Producer/Reviewer

Sontronics' unique proprietary vintage circuit design brings a touch of silkiness and class to your recordings, subtly smoothing out any harshness while retaining the integrity of the signal. Its lightning-quick dynamic ability combined with a linear frequency response means that SONORA 2 delivers an audio reproduction full of energy and perfect detail, faithful to the original source signal. Put simply, you will hear more of what matters!

Providing a powerful 66dB of crystal-clear, low-noise gain in 6dB steps, SONORA 2 can handle an almost infinite variety of sources from microphones to electric guitars, synths and digital pianos to re-amplifying pre-recorded audio tracks.

SONORA 2 boasts low noise and a quality, transparent sound with a quick response to transients. The Class A circuitry is Sontronics' own design and the sound has have a vintage vibe about it (although it's not a clone of anything else) with a very smooth top end"
BERNARD BUTLER, Artist/Writer/Producer

Each channel also features a 75Hz high-pass filter, -20dB pad, 180-degree phase reverse and independent 48V phantom power, providing you with useful and functional control at your fingertips.

Since audio signals exit simultaneously from each channel's XLR and quarter-inch jack outputs, various recording and monitoring set-ups are possible, further enhancing SONORA 2's flexibility and your creativity.

"You're really on to something with your preamps…
SONORA sounds fantastic!"

BRETT CHASSEN, Engineer/Producer

SONORA 2's desktop footprint (it's only 22 x 16cm and stands around 7cm high) makes it ideal not only for studio recording but also as a portable front-end in live performance and stereo recording applications beyond the studio environment.

Hear more of what matters, improve your sound, with the Sontronics SONORA 2.

Our SONORA 2 isn't currently in production, but contact us today or speak to your nearest Sontronics stockist or distributor to find out how you can hear it or any of our other products in action!


SONTRONICS SONORA 2 - front and rear images
click for hi-res image

• two-channel solid-state preamp/DI
• designed, developed & made in UK
• 66db crystal-clear, low-noise gain matched to linear headroom
• our own Class A circuit
• combined XLR/jack input on each of the 2 channels
• covered by our 2-year warranty

• electric guitars & basses
• electro-acoustic guitars
• synths & digital pianos
• electronic drumkits
• re-amping
• sung & spoken vocals
• solo & ensemble instruments
• piano & strings
• drums & percussion
• and everything else!

SONTRONICS SONORA 2 recommended for electric guitars & basses, synths & electric pianos, electronic drumkits, re-amping

2 discrete channels, each featuring…
Frequency response
: 20Hz - 20kHz
(-0.4dB at 20kHz)
Gain: 66dB, selectable in 6dB steps
Max output: +23dBU (distortion-free)
High-pass filter: Linear/75Hz
Attenuation/pad: 0dB, -20dB
Phase reverse: 180°
Switches: Filter, Pad, Phase Reverse, Phantom power on/off,
LED indicators: Signal present (green), Clip warning/overload (red), Phantom power (blue)

Inputs: 2 combined XLR-F (mic/line) and 1/4-inch jack (instrument) sockets
2 balanced XLR-M and
2 balanced/unbalanced jack sockets
DI ground lift:
Switch on rear panel
Dimensions: 220 x 159 x 70mm
(172 x 119 x 50mm power supply)
Weight: 1.16kg (1.17kg power supply)
Comes with:
instruction manual, SPS-2 power supply, connector cable






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