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Bernard Butler, artist/producer
• Steve Stevens, guitarist
• Josh Homme
(Queens of the
Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal)
• Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Slash,
The Who, John Lennon)
Flood (U2, Foals, Editors)
• Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths)
Ed Harcourt, Songwriter/Composer
Carey Willetts (Athlete)
• JB Pilon
, producer/artist
• The Dandy Warhols
Simon Gogerly
(Paloma Faith)
Mark Rankin (Queens of the Stone
Age, Eliza Doolittle, Bombay Bicycle
Club, Adele, Florence + The Machine)
• Andy Gray
, composer
Warren Huart
, producer/engineer
• Ricardo Dias
• Paul Fawcus/Jazzmouse (BBC
Big Band, Syd Lawrence Orchestra,
Simple Minds)
Diego Fainello (Sonohra)
•Tigerman/Paulo Furtado
, artist
• Pete Beachill
, trombonist (BBC Big Band, Strictly band)
• Noko, artist/composer
(Apollo 440)
• John Louis Riccardi
, guitarist
(Katie Melua, Jamelia)

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SONTRONICS DELTA phantom-powered ribbon microphone for guitar amps

SONTRONICS DELTA ribbon mic for guitar amps & brass
Ribbon microphones have traditionally delivered great results for guitar amp recording, but the Sontronics DELTA was the first and remains the only ribbon mic specifically designed to do that job.

Based on our original SIGMA ribbon mic, the DELTA features a more rugged build and extra baffling inside the rectangular grille, plus a subtle presence peak around 2kHz to 4kHz in order flatter the ‘bite’ characteristic of the electric guitar sound.

"DELTA is stunning… it's a fantastic-sounding mic.
It sounded great, right in front of the speaker with no EQ. If it sounds good coming out of the amp, DELTA will translate that perfectly, in 3D clarity. "

STEVE STEVENS, Guitarist/Songwriter (Billy Idol, Terry Bozzio, Michael Jackson)

Where SIGMA found its place in the heart of the studio, DELTA's incredible capability in miking up amps, cabinets and brass instruments set it up to become a standard in live sound recording.

Show it anything from subtle electro-acoustic finesse to shred-metal mayhem, from a trombone fanfare to a subtle sax solo and DELTA will cope with however much you throw at it, delivering world-class reproduction every time.

"My DELTA is permanently in front of my Vox AC30.
My Les Paul just 'agrees' with the DELTA. It gives a natural and realistic view of the noisy sounds coming
from my amps. I never need to EQ it!"
BERNARD BUTLER, Artist/Writer/Producer

DELTA's sonic footprint is tailored to sit the mic comfortably in a live mix while keeping its subject clear and present. DELTA's optimised sensitivity and 48V preamplified electronics deliver rock-solid audio consistency combined with incredibly low self-noise, almost unheard of (quite literally!) in a ribbon mic.

Users tell us that the DELTA allows the sound of their guitar amps and the true tone of their guitar amp to sing, requiring zero EQ on the input and needing no adjustments in the mix either. And thanks to its bias towards the mid-range frequencies, DELTA makes an utterly ideal partner for brass instruments, giving astonishin,g unmatchable results on trumpet, trombone and horns as well as alto, tenor and baritone saxophone.

In order to get the very best recordings with DELTA, check out our simple User Guide or, if you're looking for that natural, classic ribbon sound on more subtle, less powerful sound sources (vocal, woodwind and string instruments) try out our beautiful SIGMA ribbon microphone.

"DELTA delivers silky smooth electric guitar sounds
with a retro flavour… the sound is so brilliantly rounded and it's so easy to use too"

JON MUSGRAVE, Producer/Engineer/Reviewer

Sontronics DELTA comes with Sontronics' unique, super-effective shockmount in a rugged aluminium flightcase.

The DELTA, like all our mics, is protected by our LIFETIME WARRANTY and if for any reason your ribbon element becomes stretched or damaged in any way, we are always happy to arrange a replacement via your local Sontronics service centre or directly with us at Sontronics HQ in Poole, England.

DELTA is without doubt the best-sounding ribbon mic you can put in front of your amp!


click for hi-res image

• phantom-powered ribbon mic
• designed to handle high SPL
• rugged build
• gives great results both live and in the studio
• unique Sontronics shockmount

• guitar amps & cabinets
• brass and saxophone
• drums

SONTRONICS DELTA recommended for guitar amps, brass, saxophone, drums

Polar pattern:
Frequency response: 20Hz - 15kHz
Sensitivity: 6mV/Pa -45dB ±1dB
(0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1,000Hz)
Impedance: ≤200 Ohms
Equivalent noise level: 14dB (A-weighted)
Max SPL (for 0.5% THD @ 1kHz): 140dB
Power: Phantom power 48V required
Connector: 3-pin XLR
Dimensions: 164 x 72 x 35mm
470g (906g with shockmount)
Comes with: shockmount, flightcase

SONTRONICS DELTA on vintage Fender amp in composer/producer Andy Gray's studio





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