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CORONA hi-res picture
CORONA frequency graph
REVIEW: Bonedo online (in German)
SOLO handheld dynamic mic
• HALO dynamic mic for guitar amps

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Sontronics SOLO supercardioid dynamic microphone

Sontronics SOLO handheld dynamic supercardioid microphone

SONTRONICS CORONA dynamic microphone
The stunning new Sontronics CORONA is a beautifully designed dynamic microphone designed for use on stage or in the studio.

Boasting a tight supercardioid polar pattern, the Sontronics CORONA was developed with vocals in mind (after so many people asked us if our retro-inspired HALO could be used by singers) and gives stunning results on sung and spoken vocals. CORONA has been carefully crafted to also deliver outstanding results on guitar amps, drums, percussion, saxophone, brass and other instruments.

"This mic blew us all away… CORONA is miles ahead
of any other live mic we've ever used, in terms of clarity, presence and character. And don't even get me started
on value for money. It's oustanding in every way!"

BRUCE BARTONE, Bassist/Vocalist/Engineer

Designed, developed and built in the UK, our CORONA offers excellent presence and depth, precise detail across the entire frequency range and class-leading off-axis rejection. Furthermore the microphone requires no EQ, making CORONA brilliantly reliable and easy to use, whether for live performance or studio recordings.

The Sontronics team is very excited to finally release the CORONA, as the Art Deco-inspired mic has been in the pipeline for a long time as founder and designer, Trevor Coley, explain...

"The CORONA has existed in our minds and as a prototype for so long, we're proud to say it's finally out there!

"Back in 2011, when we released our HALO dynamic mic for guitar amps, people almost immediately started to ask us if it could be used by singers, thanks mainly to its eye-catching good looks. Although a lot of people do use HALO for voice, it isn't ideal because of its tailored frequency response and for reasons related to its capsule housing, but we kept getting asked the question so I did something about it.

"Using the same supercardioid capsule we use in our best-selling SOLO handheld mic," continues Coley, "I designed a retro-inspiring housing for it, but that was only the beginning. Several pages of the sketchbook, a few 3D-printed models, a lot of physics calculations and months of beta-testing later and the CORONA was born. It really is a stunning mic, in looks and sound, and we can't wait to see and hear people using and enjoying it!"

"CORONA really is a stunning mic, in looks as
well as sound, and we can't wait to see and
hear people using and enjoying it!"

TREVOR COLEY, Sontronics founder & designer

CORONA is supplied in a sturdy, hard-shell flightcase so it can be protected from the rigours of gigging and touring and, like all Sontronics microphones, CORONA is covered by our Lifetime Warranty (read more about it here).

Thanks to its exceptional performance as well as its striking and retro-inspired good looks, CORONA is an indispensable modern classic.

Sontronics CORONA is available now, so contact your nearest Sontronics stockist or distributor to find out how to buy or try it today!


Sontronics SOLO supercardioid dynamic microphone
click for hi-res image

• supercardioid dynamic mic
• ideal for live or studio use
• superb rejection
• requires no EQ
• retro-inspired styling
• comes in hard-shell flightcase

• sung vocals (live & studio)
• spoken word
• guitar amps
• drums & percussion
• saxophone & brass
• harmonica

Sontronics SOLO - ideal for live vocals, guitar amps, kick drum, snare, hi-hat, other percussion and harmonica

Polar pattern:
Frequency response
: 50Hz - 15kHz
Sensitivity: -50dB ±2dB
Impedance: ≤600 Ohms
Connector: Three-pin XLR
Power: Phantom power NOT required
Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 60mm
Weight: 369g
Comes with:
hard-shell flightcase





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