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Sontronics OMNI and HYPER - omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules for STC-1 and STC-1S condenser microphones

SONTRONICS OMNI & HYPER omnidirectional
and hypercardioid capsules for STC-1 & 1S
Our simple-to-use OMNI and HYPER capsules add even more flexibility and versatility to our best-selling Sontronics STC-1 and STC-1S small-diaphragm condenser microphones.

The cardioid capsule head that comes as standard with our STC-1 and STC-1S pencil mics can be easily unscrewed and interchanged with these optional OMNI omnidirectional and HYPER hypercardioid capsules, essentially giving you three mics instead of one (or, in the case of the STC-1S stereo pair, six mics instead of two!).

"We were already getting fantastic results from our
STC-1 mics, both live and in the studio, but with the addition of the HYPER and OMNI capsules we could do so much more with them. They sound amazing!"

DAVID PRIOR, Falmouth University

The omnidirectional OMNI capsule is desgned to completely open up the area of sound that the STC-1 or STC-1S can pick up. This allows you to position the mic higher up or further away from the recorded source than you would do if in its cardioid version.

It also turns the STC-1 or the STC-1S pair into an outstanding overhead or room mic, to be used on its own or as an additional tool that can be mixed in with other more closely positioned microphones.

"When recording London Contemporary Voices in a Shoreditch church recently, we did the whole thing using an STC-1S above the choir and a single STC-1 with OMNI capsule up high at the back of the church. The sound was absolutely incredible - no one could believe it came from three such small microphones!"
CHARLIE ALLEN, Naked Noise Productions

The hypercardioid HYPER capsule is ideal for situations where you need a much tighter pickup pattern than the traditional cardioid, for example where you might want to record one instrument or voice in a group and reduce 'spill' from the other instruments or voices.

We know that users get outstanding results from an STC-1 with HYPER capsule when used on hi-hat (within a drumkit set-up), acoustic guitar (sometimes when paired with another OMNI-equipped STC-1 as an overhead), solo strings within a trio or quartet, and piano.

Like all our microphones, our OMNI and HYPER capsules are covered by our unique Sontronics LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Sontronics OMNI & HYPER capsules - hi-res images
click for hi-res images

• interchangeable capsules for STC-1 and STC-1S microphones
• omnidirectional and hypercardioid polar patterns
• available in silver or black

• OMNI: overhead and room miking, piano, choir, string/brass/wind ensemble, drumkit
• HYPER: hi-hat, percussion,
acoustic guitar, banjo

Sontronics OMNI capsule - ideal for choir, string/brass/wind ensemble, drum overhead, piano & room miking. Sontronics HYPER ideal for focused hi-hat and percussion, acoustic guitar, banjo recording

Polar pattern:
Omnidrectional (OMNI) and hypercardioid (HYPER)
Colours available: silver or black
Dimensions (HYPER): 22 x 22 x 20mm
Dimensions (OMNI):
22 x 22 x 13mm
Weight (HYPER): 31g
Weight (OMNI):

Sontronics STC-1 in Silver with optional OMNI and HYPER capsulesSTC-1 with OMNI and HYPER capsules




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