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NEW! APOLLO 2 phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone

SONTRONICS APOLLO 2 stereo ribbon microphone
Since we first released our ground-breaking APOLLO phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone a decade ago, it became a must-have for studio owners, venues, composers and sound stages all round the world, from Glyndebourne Opera House to the Malibu studio of composer Trevor Morris, from Paul Epworth’s Church to Abbey Road Studios (where their pair of APOLLOs is used almost daily on their Steinway grand piano and over the orchestra or choir for most of the Hollywood soundtracks recorded in Studio One).

Following years of development with our other microphones, and our exciting experiments with higher and higher quality components (resulting in our multi-award-winning, beautifully crafted ARIA and MERCURY valve microphones), we decided to apply and incorporate these same improvements to our ribbon microphones. And so APOLLO 2 has landed (along with SIGMA 2 and DELTA 2) to take your recordings to an astoundingly high level.

"I couldn't quite believe it when I first heard the APOLLO on my piano, it's truly stunning! I also use it as room mic, which has totally transformed my recordings.
I can't really believe I didn't think of getting one before"

BEN CHRISTOPHERS, Artist/Songwriter/Producer

Like the original, our APOLLO 2 boasts two highly sensitive ribbon elements set in an X-Y Blumlein configuration, ideal for all stereo miking applications.

APOLLO 2’s uniquely designed, laser-welded cylindrical grille enables the microphone to capture a truly stunning and superbly accurate three-dimensional image. This means APOLLO 2 is perfect not only for orchestral, choral and piano recordings, but also for capturing the ambience and character of your entire recording space.

APOLLO 2 also works amazingly well as an overhead microphone for drums and percussion or smaller instrument and vocal ensembles, giving natural, expansive results with perfect detail and clarity in the high frequencies and a balanced depth and fullness to the mids and lows.

If required, either of the two ribbon elements can be used in isolation, enabling APOLLO 2 to behave as a mono microphone.

"I'm enormously impressed by this fantastic microphone. I've never encountered a mic in the live field that matches APOLLO for tonality, pickup and beautiful clarity"
BARRY BARTLETT, Audio Designer/Engineer, Glyndebourne Opera

Getting the best results from APOLLO 2 is effortless! Thanks to its phantom-powered circuit design and custom-wound, UK-made transformers, it requires very little gain and no EQ. Furthermore, our engineers have incorporated RFI (radio frequency interference) filters into the electronic design (ours are the only ribbon mics in the world to have this feature) to ensure that APOLLO 2's signal is kept crystal clear, whether being used in a recording studio or an live venue.

APOLLO 2 is designed as a distance recording microphone and should be used with care as the ribbon elements are very exposed and extremely delicate. However, with sensible placement and careful handling, APOLLO 2 will bring you immense satisfaction for many years to come. For more information about using and caring for your APOLLO 2 or servicing your ribbon elements, see our User Guide here.

The microphone is supplied in a sturdy, foam-padded ABS flightcase together with its unique shockmount and stereo cable.

APOLLO 2 really will take your breath away and impart a professional quality to your reordings hat you didn’t imagine was possible!


Like all Sontronics microphones, APOLLO 2 is protected by our LIFETIME WARRANTY, although the ribbon elements themselves are not, as they are subject to varying levels of wear and tear depending on how they are used. If either of your ribbons starts to stretch or become damaged in any way, we can arrange a replacement via your local Sontronics service centre or directly with us at Sontronics HQ in England. Contact us for more details.


Sontronics APOLLO 2
click for hi-res image

• phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone
• made in the UK
• two ribbon motors fixed in X-Y Blumlein formation
• incredibly open, natural sound
• ideal for studio or live use

• overhead and room miking
• vocal/choral ensemble & opera
• chamber and orchestral work
• piano
• drumkit & percussion overhead

• acoustic guitar

Sontronics APOLLO - overhead, choir, opera, orchestral, chamber, piano, drumkit overhead, acoustic guitar


Frequency response:
20Hz - 18kHz
18mV/Pa -33dB ±1dB
(0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1,000Hz)

Polar pattern:
Figure-of-eight (x2)
≤150 Ohms
Equivalent noise level:

Max SPL (for 0.5% THD @ 1kHz):
Phantom power 48V required
8-pin connector to two 3-pin XLR Neutrik connectors (cable supplied)
260 x 65 x 65mm
744g (1247g with shockmount)
Comes with:
stereo to two XLR connector cable, shockmount, aluminium flightcase

Sontronics APOLLO - recording the Steinway grand piano in Abbey Road Studio 1