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Find out more about Sontronics, our products and how it all began…

Back in 2004, musician and audio enthusiast Trevor Coley decided to pursue his dream of creating a range of microphones that delivered professional-quality results at truly affordable prices. He began sketching out designs for innovative-looking mics with classic styling and a unique sound too, thanks to our smooth high-frequency rolloff.

Sontronics was launched at the 2005 NAMM Show with a small range of studio microphones. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength and our range now includes studio condensers, live dynamic mics, valve and ribbon mics, drum and guitar mics as well as op-quality accessories and, of course, our 100% made-in-England SONORA 2 preamplifier.

Our current product line-up boasts 18 microphones, two preamps, accessories and cables, plus four new mic projects currently in development!

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All our products are designed and developed here in Dorset, on the south coast of England, and the prototypes of our newest models are put through rigorous beta-testing with top British producers including Flood (U2, Editors, The Foals) and Paul Epworth (Adele, Coldplay, U2) as well as several engineers at Abbey Road Studios.

Our SONORA 2 preamp plus the electronics for half of our mics (Aria, Saturn, DM-1B, DM-1S and 1T, Sigma, Delta, Apollo) are made the UK, actually less than 10 miles from our Poole HQ in an incredibly high-spec'd factory that manufactures parts for McLaren, Eurofighter and lots of other top-secret stuff!

The rest of the microphones as well as the metalwork and cases are hand-built to our specific design under strict conditions in our own manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, where we also carry out thorough testing.

Our microphones are all finished here in our Dorset warehouse where everything is individually checked and tested by our small team. You can be sure that every Sontronics microphone has undergone rigorous scrutiny at each stage of the process before it gets to you and your studio.

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> Managing Director, Founder & Designer TREVOR COLEY takes care of all our product design and testing, and manages our worldwide distributors. When he's not sketching out new mics or going over product designs with our friends and colleagues at Abbey Road Studios, Trevor can usually be found recording guitar (using our Halo and Delta, of course) or mixing up a wicked cocktail.

> Trevor's wife LISA COLEY looks after our network of famous users and education customers, oversees customer service and takes care of marketing and exhibitions. A classically trained flautist and pianist, Lisa spent many years writing for and editing music and travel magazines, and looks out for any chance to combine her (and Trevor's) joint passions for music, travelling, good food and wine.

> Sontronics' chief engineer JOÃO NEVES started out as Sontronics' Portuguese distributor. João is a genius electronics and audio expert as well as a superb jazz guitarist, so it didn't take long for us to encourage João's input, particularly in the development of our proprietary Class A vintage circuits for Sontronics preamps. João enjoys a peaceful (but busy!) life with his artist wife Bea and their young daughter in northern Portugal.

> We are supported by a hard-working network of stockists, agents and distributors allowing us to get our mics to musicians and studios in over 55 countries around the world and counting. Let us know if you want to join in!


"Sontronics is such an impressive company... from the products themselves to the direct and friendly support offered by Trevor and Lisa, Sontronics is fantastic and it's not difficult to recommend them or their mics!"
STEVE PRICE, Composer (Fury, Gravity, World's End, Lord of the Rings)



"From the day Sontronics was conceived, my passion has been to design innovative products capable of delivering outstanding results. We have always ensured that our products are built to the highest standards yet remain realistically priced and ultimately affordable.

'"Over the past 11 years, Sontronics has matured into a respected brand, picking up amazing reviews and respected awards along the way, which makes me feel extremely proud. The ultimate accolade is knowing that world-famous artists, engineers and producers are making hit tracks and giving stunning on-stage performances using our mics and preamps.

"We are dedicated to giving every single Sontronics user the best possible experience, and we are lucky to have a huge range of people using our mics. We treat everyone with the same respect, and I try to design products that will suit all musicians at any level of their recording journey. One day we can be chatting to a student who is focusing on their favourite Sontronics mic for their project and the next day we'll get a phone call from an artist or a producer whom Lisa and I have long admired (such as Blur, Muse, Aerosmith, Flood or Foo Fighters), asking where they can buy our mics.

"The fact that the engineers at Abbey Road use our Sontronics mics on a daily basis (they have Sigma, Delta, Apollo and Aria), choosing ours over and above their multi-million-pound collection of classic mics, just blows my mind. And to work with them on the development of our new projects is an utter privilege for me.

"When you get a Sontronics microphone or preamp, you join our family and play a part in the future of our brand. You should try a Sontronics product today… it will change the way you hear things!"

Trevor Coley, Founder & Designer

Trevor & Lisa Coley picking up the Best Mic Brand trophy at the MIA Awards, November 2014 (we won again in 2015!)


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